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My Healthy Zoo
The Very Best Herbal Nutrition For Your Very Best Friends

We are seeing a major increase in disease and illness in our beloved pets. The major causes are lack of nutrients in our food supply from nutrient depleted soil and toxins and chemicals in our environment. When you give animals high nutrients their body will function on a much higher level and can repair and heal itself. When you break a bone the doctor doesn’t give you anything to heal it, the body heals itself. It is the same with our pets. Their food supply is just not cutting it. We believe this is why we are seeing such an onslaught of health problems and suffering in our animals today.


The great news is that animals respond amazingly well when we feed them good herbs and whole food nutrients. It helps their body repair and strengthens their immune system. This enables them to more easily combat unwanted toxins, chemicals, bacteria and viruses in their environment.


We are passionate about health and healing. We take herbs and whole food nutrients daily and so do our pets. We have seen it change our lives and health and wellbeing of our amazing animals. From the bottom of our hearts we know it can change and improve your animal’s life too. We wish you and your pets the very best health and happiness.


From our family to yours,


My Healthy Zoo