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    “My Labrador retriever is susceptible to urinary tract infections and every visit to the vet with a urine analysis plus 10 days of antibiotics is over $140.00. Her prognosis is always the same; urgency, not eating, going out every few minutes, and eventually urinating blood, and a night of no sleep for me. After hearing about My Healthy Pet I decided to give it a try. I gave her this plus some other homeopathic and herbal remedies and within 6 hours I could already see an improvement. Her urgency subsided, she woke me up only once that evening and the next day she appeared to be 90% better. From now on this is what I will do for her. I’ll save her a trip to the vet and save me a lot of money. Thank you for truly caring about pets and making such a wonderful formula.”


Geraldo Arce, Jr.

Las Vegas, NV




    “A neighborhood stray who I had been feeding had what appeared to be an abscessed tooth. She wouldn’t let me pick her up to put her in a cat carrier so I bought some Healthy Pet and put it in wet food. I fed her twice a day and within 3 days I could see it getting smaller. Four days later I couldn’t see it at all. I couldn’t believe those herbs worked so well, so fast, and were so inexpensive. I thank you, and the kitty thanks you for such a great product. I will always have some on hand.”


Evelyn Lajes

Las Vegas, NV


    “Thank you so much for making such a difference in our cats quality of life! Bear has had her ups and downs in her 12 years of life and since starting her on Super Cat from My Healthy Zoo there have been remarkable changes. She was going bald on her back, her coat is much more full and soft! Her personality is more lively and she loves to play with our other cat and dog. She always wants to be in the middle of what ever is going on, she loves to go outside and whenever anyone comes to the door, she is the first to greet them. This was not the case just a few short weeks ago. Thank you again for your wonderful product.”


Dan, Becky, and Bear Cat




    “Our dog Tasha (a chow) was 12 years old and came down with a neurological disorder. She would bump into walls and would only go in circles. It broke our hearts to see her like this and the only option the vet gave us was to put her down. We decided to bring her home and try and help her heal. I gave her Super Dog and in 1 week she was almost completely healed. She started chasing cats again and lived to the ripe old age of 15.”


Collette H

Las Vegas, NV




    “I have a dog that got in a fight with a cat and got scratched over his eye. It soon looked like it was infected. I put healthy pet on the wound and in his food and in one day it was almost completely healed.”



Las Vegas, NV




    “We adopted a dog who’s owner passed away. The dog seemed so depressed and sad. So we decided to try Happy Pet. This made an amazing difference. In no time he was jumping and running in the yard and enjoying life again. Thank you!”



Las Vegas, NV




    “One day I received a call from the manager of a dairy farm who delivered a large bull. because of his size, he couldn’t stand and clearly had some nerve damage. He asked if I would be interested in coming down. I immediately said yes! I gave the little bull (Alpha) some Calm Pet. The Manager couldn’t believe the calf was immediately trying to stand. He was sure I had saved this little bulls life. Anyway I have worked on several others, and they have recovered fine. I am now known as the “calf whisperer”! What a wonderful formula! Thanks for caring about the animals!



Elberta, Utah