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Hurt Away
Hurt Away

Our Price: $24.95

Product Code: HURTAWAY

The blend of herbs in this formula assist the body in easing discomfort from injuries, ailments and inflammation. Our pets have an amazing capability of adapting to discomfort when problems arise. Now you can help them feel better.

Rosemary - Circulatory stimulant, gentle strengthening effect on body


Turmeric - Anti-inflammatory


Holy Basil - Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory


Green Tea - Antioxidant


Ginger - Anti-inflammatory


Hu Zhang - Anti-inflammatory, inhibits discomfort


Chinese Goldthread - Astringing, anti-inflammatory


Barberry - Mild anesthetic, strengthens body


Oregano - Antioxidant


Balkal Skullcap - Mild sedative, strengthens activity of nervous system